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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by tntbum, Apr 16, 2013. It is a drug that is associated with physical dependence and strong withdrawal symptoms. I have been taking tramadol (Ultram ER) and hydrocodone for pain for the last 8 weeks due to some. Hi You have tried to come off Tramadol far too quickly.

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Doctor put me on Zoloft which I'm hoping will lessen the depression & anxiety of coming down off the tramadol. Hi You have tried to come off Tramadol far too quickly. I'm recovering from knee replacement and cutting down on Tramadol but I can't sleep.

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I have a broken tailbone that no one will do surgery on. I would like to ask my doctor for another 20 pillsbut I don't want them to think I am drug seeking. Then I had kidney stones (still before the planned surgery). For the record, I used to tolerate Darvocet on its lowest dosage for up to 2.5 days before I would get nauseous.

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